Before I started writing full time I was actually a lawyer. I could never decide whether I got stranger looks when I told people I was a lawyer or when I told them I was a writer. Certainly I get told less lawyer jokes now.

I live with my husband who is just as weird but in different ways.

We also have a tortoiseshell cat. I’m a big fan of cats, and the last one made a guest appearance in my story “The Apocalypse Has Been Good to Us”, published by Dark Horizons. She’s one of the villains - as much in fiction as she was in life.

I grew up in North Yorkshire and although I’ve strayed a little south of that, I still consider the north as my home. I spend a lot of time reading (unsurprisingly) - anything and everything from Thomas Hardy, to Dan Simmons or Stephanie Meyer. If that all gets a bit dark and depressing, I occasionally slip in a Jane Austen or a Mills and Boon, just for variety. If I had to name some favourites it would be John Connolly and Terry Pratchett. I could read their books over and over again.

When not reading, I also like watching movies (the result of lonely childhood without any siblings), baking, doing crafts with my little girl and her friends, and I’m partial to the odd jigsaw.

I started out writing horror fiction for adults, mainly because there was a market for it. I had moderate success in that but after taking a substantial break to have my daughter.

When I came back to writing after having my daughter, it was as a ghostwriter. Not only did that earn me a bit of money, it also meant that I could experiment in all genres from romance to childrens’ to historical. From my projects and my own writing I found that my main passion and talent lay in young adult, so that is my ongoing focus. Except on those rare occasions when I get tempted back into the dark, sinister world of adult horror…


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