Other writers you might like include:

If you’re an adult and into horror, I urge you to check out Adam L G Nevill. He is a truly kind man who writes the most awful and grotesque horror. It might be a bit much for a young adult audience or those with a weak stomach.

A great horror writer who has also written in both adult and YA is Sarah Pinborough. I really like her Mayhem, but her YA book The Death House even scared Stephen King, so you know you’re onto a good thing!

On the fantasy side, there are a variety of authors you might like.

Andrew Knighton - someone I am privileged to call a friend. He has a blog: which is filled with not only gems of wisdom but plenty of free flash stories too. If you’re a fan of steampunk, he’s the man for you!

Want an anti-hero? Then you should look up David Tallerman’s stuff. A man who knows how to use a spreadsheet, David’s output ranges from short stories to novels to comics and back again. He also doesn’t write in a particular genre, so a good author if you’re looking for something a little different.

Other stuff you might like

Screaming Dreams Press - many of my adult stories are published here, but it’s also worth checking out Steve’s art section. There are some amazing pieces! Steve is the man responsible for some of my photos.

Like my cover photograph? Then you might like to check out Sandra Cockayne’s other work.

Utility Fog Press - one of my stories was printed in “Assassin’s Canon” and if you enjoyed that then there are other books worth taking a look at.

I’ve never been published in Dark Tales magazine but they do have some fantastic stories!


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