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Monstrous Cover

Jenny is furious when her mother moves them both to a self-sufficient commune. Jenny is determined to leave but, when she tries, she encounters an unnatural and terrifying presence.

Her new friend, Dan, is aware that there have been sinister goings on in Haven for some time. His home has become a place of unease and stalking shadows.

In the darkness of the surrounding forest, the two of them have to decide just who is more monstrous: whatever lurks in the trees, or the inhabitants of Haven itself.

This novella was published by Hersham Horror Press in September 2017 and is available on

The Poisoned Crow

The Poisoned Crow Cover

Maude has been the prisoner of a band of robbers since the spring. Now that winter has the land in its grip, her plight is looking even more desperate. As the dark nights draw in, so does her fate. For Grinning Jacob, the king of the robbers, is working on crafting a marriage bed and when it’s finished, it will be Maude’s bed.</p>

But despite the daily horrors she faces, there are creatures in the surrounding forest that are even more dangerous than her captors. If Maude can find the courage to face them, she might escape yet, or she might find herself at the mercy of an ancient being both terrifying and insatiably hungry.

This novel is available on


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