Short Stories

Just Below Our Feet

There’s a hunger within all of us, but what will one woman do to sate that hunger?

This story was included in “Dark Voices” released by Lycan Valley Press. It’s available here on Amazon.

Praise for the anthology and “Just Below Our Feet” from Amazon reviewer:

“Dark Voices is a great, meaty collection of short stories you can really sink your teeth into.

“All the stories are fun to read, and if you’re a fan of short fiction where you don’t have to keep reading to get through the novel, but instead have a chance to stop and ruminate about the stories that you’ve read, this is a great collection to half.

Of particular stand out to me, was Just Below Our Feet by Charlotte Bond, which I enjoyed very much.”

The Lies We Tell

An uncaring mother and unfaithful wife learns the consequences of telling one lie too many.

This story was included in the anthology “Great British Horror: Dark Satanic Mills,” published in September 2017 and available here

It is also included in “Best British Horror 2018” found here and gained an honourable mention in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year 2018.

The Wolves Are On Their Way

A fairy tale with a twist, inspired by Terry Pratchett. In this version of Red Riding Hood, it is not the poor old grandmother who gets eaten by the wolves.

This story was published in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine #68, published in September 2017 and available on the Andromeda Spaceways website.

Sweet Revenge

It’s not the end of the story for Hansel or Gretel.

This story was included in the anthology “After the Happily Ever After,” published in December 2016 by Transmundane Press. It is available on

Yule Regret It

A Christmas tradition turns out to be more deadly than anyone could guess.

This story can be found in the charity anthology “Bah! Humbug!” in December 2016. It’s available here.

The Knife Before Christmas

A dark reinvention of the beloved Christmas poem.

This complete short poem was published in December 2015 and is available on

The Apocalypse Has Been Good to Us

A tale of one woman’s struggle to keep her family together in the aftermath of Armageddon. Demons roam the world, their hellish souls taking possession of anything electronic from androids to Dirkby Dingo’s Synthetic Pets. Nearly every home in the world had a Dingo pet; now nearly every home in the world has a demon living in it. But Mary and her family find that their demon, Sparky, has his own creative ideas on how they can all pull together and survive what has literally become hell on earth.

This short story came third in the British Fantasy Awards Short Story Competition 2009. It was then independently published in Dark Horizons in 2010.

The Last First Night

Jus primae noctis - the ancient rite of a lord to take to bed the bride of his vassals on her wedding day. But an unnamed girl in a faraway kingdom has other ideas when her less-than-human lord tries to claim his dues.

This short story was included by Utility Fog Press in their anthology “Assassin’s Canon” which is available

Twice or Forever

Thanks to the Treatment, Elizabeth has the face and body of a twenty-two year old, but a two hundred and seventy year old mind. Living forever has its pros and cons, but she wouldn’t give up immortality for anything. Her brother however, has a very cynical view of their way of life. But just how deep that cynicism, and what he’s prepared to do about it, is something that will shake Elizabeth’s world to its core.

This short science fiction story was published in the Earlyworks Press anthology “The Road Unravelled” which is available

The Path Less Travelled

Sir Richard Beaufort is a disgraced knight who wants nothing more than to find solace at the bottom of a tankard of ale. He doesn’t care for the stranger who sits down opposite him, and he likes him even less when he discovers that he is unexpectedly in debt to him. But Guy Trevellyan has plans, and Richard Beaufort is a deliberate part of them. Together they might just succeed at a quest that is almost impossible.

This short story is part of the Earlyworks Press anthology “The Sleepless Sands,” available to buy


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